BBR™ welcomes you to a whole new world of learning!

We offer best-in-class language training that can make you speak, read, write with amazing accuracy and confidence.Our teaching methods acknowledge that globalisation has brought people speaking different foreign languages even closer, underlining the need to communicate with each other. Thus, keeping in mind the dynamics of communication, we consult a team of experts for the review and development of our teaching methods.

Our best-in-class training helps you to learn GERMAN, and FRENCH with amazing ease and confidence!

Why you should learn a foreign language?

  • All 23 official languages of the European Union are accepted as working languages, but in practice only three are used most often:FRENCH and GERMAN
  • Learning a foreign language adds value to your CV
  • You may encounter a professional requirement in your career in MNC
  • In business, it can help you expand the vistas for commerce
  • Whether you are an engineer, diplomat, a corporate professional, a hotel management professional or chef, a tour and travels escort, an artist, an animator, a fashion designer, a musician, explorer or astronaut, learning a foreign language would benefit you immensely.