Bleu Blanc Rouge™ as an institution derived its French name from the three colors Blue, White and Red which for us represent the German/ French speaking population of the world irrespective of the country, color, creed or gender of the individual.  It is pronounced as bluh, blaw, roojh.

We are a leading provider of best-practice language learning programs for corporate employees, doctors, artists, engineers, scientists, tour guides, lawyers, fashion designers, students, and all those eager to add stars to their CV. Since 2009, we have helped several individuals learn a new language quickly, easily, and effectively.

Many of Indian and German/ French speaking people use our services and products. Working with qualified language acquisition experts and several native speakers around the world, Bleu Blanc Rouge is committed to offering language learning courses of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

As a learning center, Bleu Blanc Rouge (“BBR”) is committed to deliver best-in-class method of teaching and ensuring quality in content and delivery.

Our teaching philosophy adheres to the following values:

Teaching Excellence

We adhere to the best-in-class direct methods of teaching that result in increased language proficiency in the shortest amount of time.Moreover, our courseware is reviewed by renowned language experts and publishers.


We endeavour to deliver affordable services, making us more accessible than overpriced competitors. From premium learning packages to exciting offers, our prices are low and our student satisfaction is high.

Promoting Cultural Exchange

We’re more than a language institute: we’re part of the global language community. Why do we offer free membership to students? Because we genuinely want to help you learn a language, even without a profit.

Research based pedagogy

Bleu Blanc Rouge emphasizes a “direct” approach to language learning. Our teaching methodology enables the students to learn, retain, and reproduce the language. We are in regular touch with a team of language experts from Canada, France and other francophone countries who conduct a periodical assessment of the quality of our teaching material and aids.

As per neuroscientists; human beings naturally are inclined to learn either consciously or sub-consciously but would retain subconsciously learned matter for a longer period of time.The essential part of learning a second language is through “Sub conscious learning”. BBR adopts this approach by using direct demonstrative or participatory methods of learning. Also, ample use of audiovisual aids is undertaken for effective learning.

“Bleu Blanc Rouge is registered under Shop and Establishments Act 1948 Govt.of Maharashtra, India”