We offer FRENCH, GERMAN language courses as per the guidelines of
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .


Specific Objective Courses

Training Program for Corporates

Corporates are reaching out to markets in Europe and beyond where customers speak different languages thereby, expanding scope of operations. Besides; they engage in business and leisure travel to GERMAN or FRENCH speaking countries.
We offer customised Corporate Training Programs that would equip you with just the GERMAN/FRENCH language skill set that is required for easy interaction. Read more



Who can join?

Students, Graduates, Post Graduates, IT professionals, Engineers, Businessmen, Tourists, Scientists, Art Lovers, Researchers etc.

Teaching Method

 BBR has developed its own direct method of instruction which will orient the student to the GERMAN/FRENCH speaking world and not just teach simple vocabulary.

Objectives and Methodology

  • Enable the student to read, write and speak basic vocabulary.
  • Make conversations in the chosen language
  • Get exposure to life in European countries
  • European particularities related to politeness,socializing with GERMAN/FRENCH speaking people
  • Use present, past and future tense and describe in basic terms things people concepts and state facts, count with numerals
  • Interact with natives*

  • Course Includes

  • High quality teaching by qualified and experienced teacher
  • BBR course material**
  • Screening of foreign language films
  • Audio excerpts by native speakers
  • Online study support
  • Approximately 1 hour personal work each day
  • Course completion certificate

  • *as per the visit schedule by our language network members   **Material will be provided in classes